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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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"Sesemann," replied the doctor earnestly, "think what you are doing! Her condition is no illness that can be cured with powders and pills. The child has no delicate constitution ; if you send her back now to the bracing mountain air, to which she is accustomed, she will be perfectly well again; if not — you would not like to send her back beyond all help to her grand­father, or never send her back at all, would you ?"
Herr Sesemann stood still in astonishment: —
" Well, if this is your advice, doctor, there is only one way ; it must be followed immediately."
With these words Herr Sesemann took his friend's arm and walked about with him to talk the matter over still further. Then the doctor started to go home, for much time had passed during their conversation, and the bright morning light was coming through the house door, which was opened this time by the master of the house.
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