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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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Herr Sesemann climbed the stairs in the greatest agitation and went with a firm step to Dame Rotten-meier's sleeping room. Here he rapped so unusually loud on the door that the good lady woke from sleep with a cry of terror. She heard Herr Sesemann's voice outside: —
" Pray hasten to come into the dining-room ; prepa­rations must be immediately made for a journey."
Fraulein Rottenmeier looked at her clock; it was half-past four in the morning; she had never risen at such an hour in her life before. What could have hap­pened ? Curiosity and anxious expectation made every­thing she touched go wrong, and she made slow progress in dressing, for she kept hunting about uneasily in her room for the things she had already put on.
Meanwhile Herr Sesemann went the entire length of
the hall and furiously rang every one of the bells used
to summon the different servants, so that in each
respective room a terrified form jumped out of bed and
hurried to dress, for one and all thought the same thing,
that the ghost had seized the master of the house, and
this was his call for help.
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