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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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176                                              HEIDI
at the hotel in Basle, the name of which I have written down here on my card for you. Show my card there and a good room will be given you for the child; you must provide for yourself. Go first into the child's room and fasten all the windows so securely that they can be opened only with great force. When the child is in bed go and fasten the door outside, for the child wanders around in the night and might run into danger in a strange house if she went out and tried to open the house door ; do ycu understand ? "
"Aha! That was it, was it? That was it!" ex­claimed Sebastian in the greatest surprise, for a great light had just been thrown on the ghosts.
" Yes, that was it! That was it! and you are a cow­ard, and you can tell Johann that he is another, and all of you together a ridiculous set of men."
Having said this, Herr Sesemann went to his room and sat clown to write a letter to the Aim-Uncle.
Sebastian stood confounded in the middle of the room and repeated over and over again to himself: —
" If only I had n't let that coward of a Johann pull me back into the room, but had gone after the little white figure, as I undoubtedly should have done!" for now the bright sunshine distinctly lighted up every corner of the sombre room.
Meanwhile Heidi, entirely unsuspicious of what was going to happen, stood waiting in her Sunday frock, for Tinette had merely roused her from sleep, taker her clothes out of the closet and put them on hurriedly without saying a word. She never talked with the
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