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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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uncultivated Heidi, for she considered her beneath her notice.
Herr Sesemann walked with his letter into the dining-room, where the breakfast was already served, and asked: -*-
"Where is the child?"
Heidi was called. When she approached Herr Sese­mann to say "good-morning" to him, he looked into her face inquiringly : —
"Well, what do you say to it, little one?"
Heidi looked up at him in amazement.
"You don't know anything about it even now," said Herr Sesemann, laughing. " Well, you are going home to-day, right away."
" Home ? " repeated Heidi, unable to speak aloud, and turned white as snow. For a little while she could hardly get her breath, her heart was so violently affected by the impression.
" Don't you want to know something about it ?" asked Herr Sesemann, laughing.
" Oh, yes, I do," she now was able to gasp ; and she turned deep red.
" Good, good ! " said Herr Sesemann, encouragingly, while he seated himself and motioned to Heidi to do the same. " And now eat a hearty breakfast and then into the carriage and away."
But Heidi could not swallow a mouthful, although through obedience she tried to force herself to eat; she was in such a state of excitement that she did not know whether she was awake or dreaming, or whether
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