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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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she would not suddenly awaken and be standing at the door in her nightgown.
" Sebastian must take plenty of luncheon," said Herr Sesemann to Fraulein Rottenmeier, who was just entering the room ; " the child cannot eat, of course not. Go in to Klara until the carriage comes," he added kindly, turning to Heidi.
This was what Heidi wished, and she ran out of the room. In the middle of Klara's room stood a huge trunk, with the cover still wide open.
" Come, Heidi, come !" Klara called out to her ; "see what I have had packed for you ! come, do you like it ? "
And she showed her a quantity of things, dresses and aprons, underwear and sewing materials; " and see here, Heidi," and Klara held up a basket triumphantly. Heidi peeped in and jumped high in her delight, for inside lay twelve lovely, round white rolls, all for the grandmother. The children in their glee entirely for­got that the moment had come for them to part, and when suddenly the call was heard — " The carriage is ready!"—there was no time left to be sad.
Heidi ran to her room ; her beautiful book from the grandmamma must still be there; no one could have packed it; it lay under her pillow, for Heidi could not be parted from it day or night. That was laid in the basket on the bread. Then she opened her closet to see if there was anything left that had not been packed. To be sure — the old red neckerchief still lay there, for Fraulein Rottenmeier had not thought it worth packing. Heidi wrapped it around something else and laid it
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