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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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180                                             HEIDI
he had said to her the night before : " And to-morrow everything will be all right." Now it had all come true, and Heidi thought he was the cause of it.
Then the child was lifted into the carriage, and the basket and the lunch box and Sebastian followed. Herr Sesemann called out once more in a friendly voice : " A pleasant journey ! " and the carriage rolled away.
Soon after, Heidi was sitting in the train and hold­ing her basket firmly in her lap, for she would not let it out of her hands for a moment; the precious rolls for the grandmother were inside, and she had to watch them carefully and delight her eyes with a look at them every now and then. Heidi sat as still as a mouse for several hours, for now she began to realize that she was on the way home to her grandfather on the Aim, to the grandmother, and Peter, the goatherd; one thing after another came before her eyes — all that she was going to see again, and she imagined how everything would look at home, and new thoughts kept arising in her mind; suddenly she said anxiously : —
" Sebastian, are you sure that the grandmother on the Aim is not dead ? "
"No, no," said he soothingly; "we hope she's not dead. She must be still alive."
Then Heidi became absorbed again in her own thoughts ; only now and then she peeped into her basket, for her greatest desire was to lay all the rolls on the grandmother's table. After some time she said again: —
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