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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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182                                              HEIDI
shouldered man was loading several large bags, which had been brought by the train. Sebastian stepped up to him and questioned him about the way.
"All ways are safe here," was the curt reply.
Then Sebastian asked him about the best way one could go without falling over the precipices, and also how a trunk could be taken to Dorfli. The man looked at the trunk and measured it with his eyes; then he stated that, if it was not too heavy, he would take it in his wagon, since he himself was going to Dorfli. So some words were exchanged and finally the two arranged that the man would take both the child and the trunk with him, and that the child could be sent from Dorfli up the Aim with some one that evening.
" I can go alone; I know the way from Dorfli up the Aim," said Heidi, for she had been listening attentively while they were making the bargain. A heavy load was taken from Sebastian's mind when he found him­self so suddenly released from the prospect of climb­ing the mountain. He now secretly beckoned Heidi to one side and handed her a heavy roll and a letter to her grandfather, and explained to her that the roll was a present from Herr Sesemann, which must be put in the bottom of her basket, under the bread, and that she must take care of it, so that it should not be lost, or Herr Sesemann would be frightfully cross about it, and would never get over it all his life long; the little Mamselle must surely remember this.
" I will not lose it," said Heidi assuringly, and placed
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