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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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still, for she quite lost her breath; the basket on her arm was heavy for her, and besides it grew steeper and steeper the higher she went. Heidi had only one thought:—
" Will the grandmother still be sitting in the corner at her spinning wheel; has she not died in all this time ? "
Now Heidi saw the hut up in the hollow on the Aim, and her heart began to throb; she ran still faster; her heart kept beating louder and louder. — Now she was up there—she could hardly open the door, she trembled so — but now !— She ran into the middle of the little room and stood there, completely out of breath and unable to speak.
"Oh, Heavens!" sounded from the corner, "our Heidi used to run in like that! Ah, if only I could have her with me once more while I live! Who has come in ? "
" Here I am, grandmother; here I am, really!" exclaimed Heidi.
Rushing into the corner and getting on her knees into the old dame's lap, she seized her arm and her hands and snuggled up to her, and was unable to say anything more from delight. At first the grandmother was so overcome that she could not speak a word; then she began to stroke Heidi's curly hair with her hand and kept saying again and again : —
" Yes, yes, it is her hair ; and it is her voice; ah, dear Lord, that thou shouldest have permitted me this ! "
And two great tears of joy dropped from her blind eyes on Heidi's hand.
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