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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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188                                         HEIDI
"Say just a word more, child; say something more, so that I can hear you."
Heidi then told the grandmother how she had suf­fered, fearing she might perhaps die while she was away and not have the white rolls, and she would never, never be able to go to her. .
Then Peter's mother came in, and for a moment stood still in astonishment. Then she exclaimed:—
" Surely, it is Heidi! how can it be possible ! "
Heidi rose and shook hands with her, and Brigitte could not wonder enough at Heidi's appearance, and she walked around the child, saying : —
" Grandmother, if you only could see what a beauti­ful dress the child ibas on and how she looks ; I hardly know her. And does the little hat trimmed with feathers, on the table, belong to you also ? Just put it on, so I can see how you look in it."
" No, I will not," said Heidi decidedly; " you can have it; I don't need it any longer, I still have my own."
Whereupon Heidi opened her little red bundle and took out her old hat, which had become still more bent during the journey than it was before. But that troubled Heidi little; she had never forgotten how, when she was leaving her grandfather, he had called after her that he never wanted to see her in a hat trimmed with feathers, and that was why Heidi had kept her hat so carefully, for she always thought of the time when she should go home to him.
But Brigitte said she must not be so foolish ; it was
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