HEIDI, illustrated - complete online book

The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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field on Casaplana came into sight and gleamed in the distance.
Every few steps Heidi had to stand still and look around, for the high mountains were behind her as she climbed. Now a red glow fell over the grass at her feet; she turned around; there — she had forgotten the splendor, and never had seen it in her dreams like this—the rocky peaks on Falkniss flamed up to the sky, the broad snow field was all aglow, and rosy clouds were drifting high above. The grass all around on the Aim was golden ; from all the crags it glimmered and gleamed down, and below, the far-reaching valley swam in a golden vapor.
Heidi stood in the midst of all this glory, and bright tears of joy and rapture ran down her cheeks, and she had to fold her hands, and, looking up to Heaven, thank the dear Lord aloud that he had brought her back home again, and that everything, everything was still so beau­tiful, and even more beautiful than she had thought, and that it all was hers once more. And Heidi felt so happy and so rich in the great glory that she could not find words to express her thankfulness to the dear Lord.
Not until the light all about began to fade could Heidi move away from the place. But then she ran so fast up the mountain that it was not long before she saw the boughs of the fir trees above the roof, and then the roof itself, and then the whole hut, and on the seat beside it sat her grandfather, smoking his pipe, and over the hut the old fir trees were rocking their branches and roaring in the evening wind. Then Heidi
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