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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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192                                        HEIDI
" Do you think you can drink milk with me still, Heidi ?" he then asked, while he took the child by the hand to lead her into the hut. " But take your money with you ; you can buy a bed with it, and clothes enough to last you for two or three years."
" I really don't need it, grandfather," asserted Heidi ; " I have a bed already; and Klara packed up so many clothes for me that I shall really never need any more."
" Take it, take it, and put it in the cupboard ; you will be able to use it sometime."
Heidi obeyed and skipped after her grandfather into the hut, where, delighted to see everything again, she ran into every corner and up the ladder; but there she suddenly stood still and called down somewhat con­cerned : —
" Oh, grandfather, I no longer have any bed ! "
" You will soon have another," sounded from below. "I didn't know that you would return ; now come and get your milk ! "
Heidi came down and took her seat on her high stool in the old place, and then grasped her little bowl and drank as eagerly as if she had never had anything so precious within her reach before, and when she put down her bowl, with a deep breath, she said: —
" There is nothing in all the world so good as our milk, grandfather."
A shrill whistle sounded outside. Heidi shot out of the door like lightning. There was the whole flock of goats, skipping, jumping, and leaping down from the heights above, and Peter in their midst. When he saw
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