HEIDI, illustrated - complete online book

The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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Heidi stood under the swaying branches of the fir trees, waiting for her grandfather, who was going to fetch the trunk from Dorfli, while she stayed with the grandmother. The child could hardly wait to see the grandmother again and to hear how the rolls had tasted ; yet the time did not seem long to her, for she could not listen enough to the tones of her native sighing fir trees above her, and drink in all the fra­grance and brightness of the green pastures and their golden blossoms.
The grandfather came out of the hut, took a look around him, and then said in a satisfied tone : —
" Well, now we can go."
It was Saturday night, and on that day it was the Aim-Uncle's custom to clean and put everything in order in the hut, in the shed, and all about; to-day he had taken the morning for this, in order to go with Heidi in the afternoon, and so everything all around looked neat and to his satisfaction. At Peter's hut they parted and Heidi ran in. The grandmother had already heard her step, and called out to her affection­ately : —
"Have you come, child ? Have you come again?"
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