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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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196                                              HEIDI
Then she grasped Heidi's hand and held it very tightly, for she still feared that the child might be taken away from her again. And now the grandmother had to tell how the rolls had tasted, and she said she had been so refreshed by them that she thought she was much stronger that day than she had been for a long time, and Peter's mother added that the grandmother was much worried lest the rolls should soon be gone, and she had eaten only one roll the day before and that day together, and she really could not gain much strength ; they would last only a week if she should eat one a day. Heidi listened attentively to Brigitte and remained for some time thinking. Then she found a way out of the difficulty.
" I know now what I will do, grandmother," she said with eager delight.
" I will write a letter to Klara, and she will surely send me as many more rolls and twice as many as there are, for I had a great pile just like them in my closet, and when they were taken away from me Klara said she would give me just as many more, and she will do so."
" Dear me ! " said Brigitte, " that is a good idea ; but think, they would grow hard, too. If we only had a spare penny now and then ; the baker down in Dorfli makes them, but I am hardly able to pay for the black bread."
Then a bright, joyful light spread over Heidi's face.
" Oh, I have a tremendous lot of money, grand­mother !" she exclaimed triumphantly, and danced up and down with delight; " now I know what I can do
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