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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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with it. Every single day you must have a new roll, and two on Sunday, and Peter can bring them up from Dorfli."
" No, no, child!" said the grandmother in disap­proval, " that cannot be ; the money was not given you for that; you must give it to your grandfather, and he will tell you what you are to do with it."
But Heidi would not be disturbed in her delight; she shouted and danced around the room and exclaimed again and again : —
" Now the grandmother can eat a roll every day and will grow quite strong again, and — oh, grandmother!" she cried with new delight, " if you should grow so well, it would really become light to you again ; it is perhaps only because you are so weak."
The grandmother was silent; she did not wish to dis­turb the child's pleasure. In her dancing around, Heidi suddenly spied the grandmother's old hymn book, and a new and delightful thought came to her.
" Grandmother, I can read quite well now ; shall I read a song out of your old book ?"
"Oh, yes!" said the grandmother, overcome with delight; " can you really do that, can you do that ? "
Heidi climbed up in a chair and took down the book, covered thick with dust, for it had long lain there un­disturbed. She then wiped it clean, sat down with it on her stool beside the grandmother, and asked what she should read.
" Whatever you like, child, whatever you like " ; and the grandmother sat with eager expectancy, and pushed the spinning wheel a little way from her.
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