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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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Heidi turned the leaves and read a line here and there.
" Here is something about the sun; I will read you that, grandmother"; and Heidi began, and became more and more eager and interested as she read :
"The sun overflowing With splendor glowing, From golden fountains Pours o'er our mountains A spirit-quickening glory of light.
Below I wandered
And, mournful, pondered,
But now arising
With change surprising
I turn to the sky my enraptured sight.
Mine eye beholdeth
What God unfoldeth
To tell the story
Of boundless glory
How vast the sum of his infinite might!
Behind those portals
Henceforth immortals,
Our friends arisen
From fleshly prison
Have entered the realms of boundless delight
While all things falter,
God doth not alter :
No shade of turning
In his discerning:
His word and will are eternal right /
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