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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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200                                              HEIDI
Sweet peace and pleasure
In boundless measicre
We know is given
In the gardens of heaven; .
And thither my hopes yearn day and night!'1''
" Oh, Heidi, that gives me light! it gives me light in my heart. Oh, how much good you have done me, Heidi!"
The grandmother repeated the joyful words again and again; and Heidi beamed with pleasure, and had to keep looking at the grandmother, for she had never seen her so before. She no longer had the old expres­sion on her face, but appeared so happy and thankful, as if she "already looked with new bright eyes into the beautiful heavenly garden.
Then some one knocked on the window, and Heidi saw her grandfather outside, beckoning to her to go home with him. She followed quickly, but not with­out assuring the grandmother that she would come again the next day, and that even if she went up to the pasture with Peter she would only stay there half the day, for to be able to make it light again for the grand­mother was to her the very greatest pleasure she could enjoy, even much greater than to be in the sunny pas­ture among the flowers and goats.
Brigitte ran out at the door after Heidi with her dress and hat, that she might take them with her. She took the dress on her &rm, for her grandfather knew her now, she thought; but the hat she obstinately refused. Brigitte must keep it for her, for she would never, never
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