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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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put it on her head again. Heidi was so full of her experiences that she had to tell her grandfather at once all that had delighted her heart : that they could get white bread for the grandmother down in Dorfli if they only had the money, and that it had suddenly become so light to the grandmother, and she looked so well; and when Heidi had described it all to the end she went back to the beginning and said very confidently: —
" Surely, grandfather, if the grandmother is not willing, you will give me all my money, so that I can give Peter a piece for a roll every day and two on Sunday ?"
" But the bed, Heidi ? " said the grandfather ; " a real bed would be a good thing for you, and then there would be enough left for many rolls."
But Heidi gave her grandfather no peace, and assured him that she slept much better on her bed of hay than she had ever done in her pillowed bed in Frankfurt, and begged so urgently and incessantly that her grand­father finally said : —
" The money is yours, do whatever pleases you ; you can get bread for the grandmother with it for many a long year."
Heidi shouted for joy : —
" Oh, hurrah ! now the grandmother will never have to eat hard black bread any more, and oh, grandfather, now everything is lovelier than it ever was before in our lives! "
Heidi took hold of her grandfather's hand and jumped into the air and shouted as merrily as the
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