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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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202                                               HEIDI
birds in the sky. But all of a sudden she grew quite serious and said : —
" Oh, if the dear Lord had done right away what I prayed for so hard, then everything would not be as it is now. I should only have come home again and brought the grandmother just a few rolls, and shouldn't have been able to read to her, which does her good ; but the dear Lord had already thought it all out so much better than I knew; the grandmamma told me so, and now it has all come true. Oh, how glad I am that the dear Lord did not grant what I asked and longed for! Now I will always pray as the grand­mamma told me, and always thank the dear Lord, and if he does not do what I ask, then I will surely think all the same, it will just be as it was in Frankfurt; the dear Lord is planning something much better. But we will pray every day, won't we, grandfather? And we will never forget Him, so that the dear Lord may never forget us."
"And if one should do so?" murmured the grand­father.
" Oh, it would not be well for him, for then the dear Lord would forget him, too, and let him go away, and if he should get into trouble and complain, nobody would pity him, but everybody would say : ' He first ran away from the dear Lord; now the dear Lord, who might have helped him, lets him go.' "
"That is true, Heidi; how did you know it ? "
"From the grandmamma; she told me all about it."
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