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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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204                                               HEIDI
pushed her book in front of her grandfather and said : " See, how happy he is," and pointed with her finger to the picture of his return home, where he stands in fresh garments beside his father, and once more belongs to him as his son.
A few hours later, when Heidi had long been wrapt in deep sleep, her grandfather climbed the little ladder ; he put his lamp beside Heidi's bed so that the light fell on the sleeping child. She lay there with folded hands, for Heidi had not forgotten to pray. On her rosy face was an expression of peace and blessed trust that must have appealed to her grandfather, for he stood there a long, long time without moving or taking his eyes from the sleeping child. Then he, too, folded his hands and half aloud, with bowed head, said :
" Father, I have sinned against Heaven and before Thee and am no more worthy to be called Thy son!" and great tears rolled down his cheeks.
In the early daylight the Aim-Uncle stood in front of his hut, looking around with beaming eyes. The Sunday morning glistened and shone over mountain and valley. The sound of early bells came up from below, and the birds in the fir trees were beginning their morning songs.
The grandfather stepped back into the hut.
"Come, Heidi!" he called from below. "The sun is up! Put on a good dress, and we will go to church together!"
It did not take Heidi long ; this was an entirely new call from her grandfather, and she felt that she must
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