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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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man ; that does one good ! The dear Lord was good to me when he sent you up on the Aim."
When they reached Peter the goatherd's hut the grandfather straightway opened the door and went in.
" Good-day, grandmother," he called out; " I think we must do a little more mending, before the autumn wind comes."
" Dear me, that is the uncle ! " exclaimed the grand­mother, full of surprise and delight. " That I should live to see this ! I can thank you for all you have done for us, uncle ! May God reward you for it! May God reward you for it! "
Trembling with delight, the old grandmother held out her hand, and when the uncle shook it heartily she continued, still holding him fast : —
" I have one thing more at heart to ask of you, uncle : if I have ever done you any harm, do not punish me by letting Heidi go away again before I lie at rest in the churchyard. Oh, you do not know what the child is to me!" and she hugged Heidi fast, for she had already drawn close to the grandmother's side.
" Never fear, grandmother," said the uncle soothingly, " that I should punish either you or myself in that way. We shall all stay together, and, God willing, for a long time."
Then Brigitte drew the uncle somewhat mysteriously into a corner and showed him the lovely hat trimmed with feathers, and told him how the matter stood, and that she naturally did not like to take such a thing from a child.
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