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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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But the grandfather looked well pleased at Heidi and said:
" The hat is hers, and if she does n't care to wear it any more it is all right, and if she gave it to you, why, take it."
Brigitte was highly delighted at this unexpected decision.
" It is really worth more than ten francs ; only see ! " and in her delight she held the hat high in the air. " What a blessing this Heidi has brought home with her from Frankfurt! I have often thought whether I would not send Peterli to Frankfurt for a little while ; what do you think about it, uncle?"
The uncle's eyes twinkled merrily. He thought it could not do Peterli any harm, but he would wait for a good opportunity.
Just then the person in question came in at the door, after he had first run against it and hit his head so hard that it made everything rattle; he must have been in haste. Panting and out of breath, he now stood in the middle of the room, holding out a letter. This was something that had never happened before a letter addressed to Heidi, which had been given to him at the post-office in Dorfli. They all sat down, full of expectation, around the table, and Heidi opened her letter and read it aloud without stumbling. The letter was from Klara Sesemann. She told Heidi that since she went away it had been so dreary in her house that she could no longer bear it, and she had begged her father so often that he had at last consented to take
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