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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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212                                               HEIDI
the journey to Ragatz the coming autumn ; and the grandmamma would come with them, for she, too, would like to visit Heidi and her grandfather on the Aim. Moreover, the grandmamma sent word to Heidi that she had done right in wishing to buy the old grand­mother some rolls, and in order that she might not have to eat them dry she had sent some coffee, which was already on the way, and if she should come to the Aim, Heidi must take her to see the grandmother.
Then there was such joy and wondering at this news, and so much to tell and ask about, for the great expec­tation concerned all alike, that even the grandfather had not noticed how late it was already getting; and they were all so happily content at the prospect of the days to come, and almost even more in the joy of being together at the present time, that the grandmother finally said: —
" The best of all is for an old friend to come and give us his hand again, as he used to do long ago; it gives one such a comforting feeling in the heart, to find everything that is dear to us once more. You will come again soon, uncle, and the child to-morrow ?"
This was promised to the grandmother at once ; now it was time to go, and the grandfather started up the Aim with Heidi; and as the clear bells from near and far in the morning had called them down, so now the peaceful sound of the evening bells rising from the valley accompanied them to the sunny Aim hut, which shone in the Sunday evening light.
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