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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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the stairs followed by Sebastian, who kept on making all sorts of signs of devotion, although the doctor could not see them.
" I am glad you have come, doctor," Herr Sesemann called out. "We must once more seriously consider the journey to Switzerland; I must hear from you whether you still abide by your decision even now that Klara seems to be better."
" My dear Sesemann, what is the matter with you ? " replied the doctor, taking a seat beside his friend. " I really wish your mother was here ; with her everything would be plain and simple. But there 's no bringing you to reason. This is the third time you have sent for me to-day, although I keep telling you the same thing."
" Yes, you are right; the matter must make you impatient, but I want you to understand, my dear friend," and Herr Sesemann laid his hand entreatingly on the doctor's shoulder, " that it will be far too hard for me to deny the child what I promised her so faithfully, and what has made her so happy day and night for the past months. Besides, the child has borne all these last bad days so patiently, always hoping that the Swiss journey was near at hand, and that she would be able to visit her friend Heidi in the Alps; and now, after the child has had so much to bear, shall I with one blow crush the long-cherished hope ?» It is almost impossible for me to do so." .
" Sesemann, it must be," said the doctor very decid­edly ; and as his friend was silent and sat looking very
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