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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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downcast, he went on after a time to say: "Think how the matter stands. Klara has not for years had so bad a summer as this last has been ; there is no question about it; she could not take such a long journey without danger of the worst consequences. It is now September; it may still be fine up on the Alps, but it must be already very cool there. The days are growing short, and as Klara could not stay over­night on the mountain she would have hardly two hours there. The journey from Ragatz would take several hours, for she would most decidedly have to be carried up the mountain in a chair. In short, Sesemann, it cannot be ! But I will go in with you and talk with Klara about it ; she is a sensible girl, and I will tell her my plan. Next May she shall first go to Ragatz; there she shall take the baths for a long time, until it is warm and pleasant up on the mountains. Then she can be taken up there from time to time, and when she is refreshed and strengthened she will enjoy these mountain excursions far more than she would now. You understand also, Sesemann, that if we wish to cherish a slight hope for your child's recov­ery, we must use the greatest care and the most cautious treatment."
Herr Sesemann, who had listened silently and with an expression of sad submission, now sprang to his feet.
" Doctor, tell me honestly," he exclaimed; " have you really any hope for an improvement in her condi­tion ?"
The doctor shrugged his shoulders.
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