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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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" Little," he said in a low voice. " But come, think for a moment of me, friend! Have you not a dear child who longs for you when you are away, and is delighted when you come home ? You never have to return to a desolate house and sit down to a solitary table, and your child is well off at home. Although she has to be deprived of much that others might enjoy, still she is, in some respects, more highly favored than a great many. No, Sesemann, you are not so much to be pitied; you are fortunate to be together; think of my lonely house ! "
Herr Sesemann began to stride up and down the room, as he was in the habit of doing whenever he was deeply absorbed in any matter. Suddenly he stood still in front of his friend and clapped him on the shoulders.
" Doctor, I have an idea; I cannot see you like this ; you are no longer the same. You must get out of yourself a little; and do you know how ? You shall undertake the journey and visit the child Heidi in our place." .
The doctor was very much surprised at this proposal and would have objected to it, but Herr Sesemann gave him no time. He was so delighted and filled with his new idea, that he seized his friend by the arm and led him to his daughter's room. The doctor was always a delightful sight to sick Klara, for he treated her with great friendliness, and every time he came he had something lively and entertaining to tell her. She knew well why he could do so no longer, and she wished she could make him happy again.
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