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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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PREPARATIONS FOR A JOURNEY                 219
She held out her hand to him; and he sat down beside her. Herr Sesemann also moved up his chair, and, taking Klara's hand, began to talk about the jour­ney to Switzerland, and how much pleasure he himself had taken in looking forward to it. He glided quickly over the most important fact, that it was now out of the question, for he was somewhat afraid of the tears
that would be sure to come. He then passed on to the new plan and impressed Klara with the fact that her dear friend would derive great benefit by taking this journey.
The tears indeed came and swam in Klara's blue eyes, although she tried her best to keep them back, for she knew how her papa disliked to see her cry. But it was hard to have it ended when all summer the prospect of this visit to Heidi had been her only joy
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