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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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But Klara held the doctor fast; she had first to give him all sorts of messages for Heidi and to remind him of so many things which he must notice and then tell her about. The things she wished to send to Heidi would be taken to him later, for Fraulein Rottenmeier would have to help pack them; she had just gone on one of her walks about the city, and was not likely to return very soon.
The doctor promised to carry out all her directions, to start on the journey as soon as possible, and to give her a faithful account of everything he should see and do.
Servants often have a wonderful faculty of finding out, long before they have been told, what is going on in their master's house. Sebastian and Tinette must have possessed this faculty in a high degree, for just as the doctor, followed by Sebastian, was going down the stairs Tinette entered Klara's room.
" Bring me this box full of perfectly fresh, nice cakes, such as we have with our coffee, Tinette," said Klara, pointing to a box which had been standing ready for some time. Tinette seized it by one corner and swung it disdainfully in her hand; after she had closed the door she said pertly :
" It 's well worth while."
When Sebastian had opened the front door with his usual politeness, he said with a bow:
" If the doctor would be so kind as to give the little Mamsell Sebastian's regards."
"Oh, Sebastian," said the doctor pleasantly, "do you know so soon that I am going away ?"
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