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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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222                                              HEIDI
Sebastian was obliged to cough.
"I am — I have — I don't know certainly — oh, yes, I remember, as I happened to be passing through the dining-room just now I heard the little Mamsell's name mentioned; it often happens that we put one thought and another together, and so — and in that way" —
" Yes, indeed ! yes, indeed ! " said the doctor, laugh­ing, "and the more thoughts one has, the more one knows. Good-bye, Sebastian, I will deliver your mes­sage."
The doctor was just about to pass through the open door when he met a hindrance; the strong wind had prevented Fraulein Rottenmeier from continuing her walk ; she had returned and was just entering the door. The wind puffed out the big shawl in which she had wrapped herself; she looked exactly as if she was under full sail. The doctor started back instantly. Fraulein Rottenmeier had always shown a strange deference and politeness toward this man. She, too, started back with marked affability, and for a time they both stood there, bowing and making room for each other. Then came such a strong gust of wind that Fraulein Rottenmeier was suddenly blown with full sail against the doctor. He was still able to turn aside, but the lady was driven a good piece beyond him, so that she had to turn around again in order to speak with propriety to the friend of the house. The absurd occurrence had put her somewhat out of sorts, but the doctor had a way which soon smoothed her ruffled temper and put her into good humor. He told her about his intended
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