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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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PREPARATIONS FOR A JOURNEY                 223
journey and begged her, in the most taking way, to pack the things for Heidi, as only she knew how to pack them. Then he took his departure.
Klara expected to have a struggle with Fraulein Rottenmeier before she would give her consent to send away all the things that Klara had intended for Heidi. But this time she was happily disappointed; Fraulein Rottenmeier was unusually good-natured. She imme­diately removed everything on the large table, in order to spread out on it all the articles that Klara had put together, and to pack them before her eyes. This was no easy task, the things to be done up together being of such different shapes. First came the thick cloak with the hood, which Klara meant for Heidi, that she might be able to visit the grandmother the coming winter whenever she liked, and not have to wait for her grandfather and be wrapped in the sack to keep from freezing. Next came a thick, warm shawl for the old grandmother, to wrap around her when the cold wind shook the hut. Then came the big box of cakes, also intended for the grandmother, that she might have something different from rolls to eat with her coffee. A huge sausage followed ; Klara had first intended this for Peter, because he never had anything but bread and cheese. But she changed her mind, fearing lest Peter in his delight should eat the whole sausage at once. So his mother Brigitte was to have it and first take a good share of it for herself and for the grandmother, and then give Peter his portion at different times. Then there was a little bag of tobacco; this was for the
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