HEIDI, illustrated - complete online book

The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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The mountains were glowing in the early dawn, and a fresh morning wind was blowing through the fir trees and rocking their old branches vigorously to and fro. Heidi opened her eyes ; the sound had awakened her. This rushing sound always moved Heidi to the very depths of her soul and attracted her strongly to go out under the fir trees. She jumped from her bed and could hardly wait to dress herself properly ; but it had to be done, for Heidi knew very well that one should always be clean and tidy.
She then came down the ladder; her grandfather's couch was already empty. She ran outdoors; there in front of the hut stood her grandfather, gazing up at the sky and all about, as he did every morning to see what the day was going to be.
Rosy clouds floated above, and the sky grew bluer and bluer, and the heights and the pasture land seemed flooded with bright gold, for the sun was just rising above the lofty cliff's.
" Oh, how beautiful! Oh, how beautiful! Good-morning, grandfather," Heidi called out as she came skipping along.
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