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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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A GUEST ON THE ALM                         111
was at once in the midst of the flock, which jostled her hither and thither with loud, stormy greetings; she pushed them aside a little, for she wished to make her way to the timid Schneehopli, which was always pushed away by the larger goats, when struggling to reach Heidi.
Peter now came along and gave one last, startling whistle to frighten the goats and drive them on to the pasture, for he wished to have room to say something to Heidi. The goats sprang ahead a little at this whistle, so Peter was able to come forward and stand in front of Heidi.
" You can come with me again to-day," he said, somewhat peevishly.
"No, I cannot, Peter," replied Heidi. "They may come from Frankfurt at any moment now, and I must be at home."
" You have said that a good many times already," growled Peter.
"But it is still true, and it will be true until they come," replied Heidi. " Don't you know that I must be at home, when they are coming from Frankfurt to see me ? Don't you know that, Peter ? "
"They can come to the uncle," answered Peter with a snarl.
The grandfather's deep voice then sounded from the hut :
" Why does n't the army move forward ? Is it the fault of the field marshal or the troops ? "
In a twinkling Peter wheeled around, swung his rod
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