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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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228                                            HEIDT
in the air, making it whistle, and all the goats, knowing the sound well, started off, and, with Peter behind them, ran at full speed up the mountain.
Since Heidi had returned home to her grandfather, every now and then she would remember something which she had not thought of before. So every morning she tried hard to make her bed, smoothing it until it looked quite even. Then she ran about the hut, placing every chair in its place, and if anything was lying or hanging about, she put it tidily into the closet. Then she brought a cloth, climbed up on a stool, and rubbed the table until it was perfectly clean. When her grand­father came in again, he would look around him with satisfaction and say : —
" Now, it is always like Sunday here; Heidi did not go away for nothing."
To-day also, after Peter had gone, and Heidi had breakfasted with her grandfather, she set about her work ; but it seemed as if she would never finish. It was such a lovely morning outdoors, and every moment something happened to interrupt her in her tasks. Now a sunbeam came in so gayly through the window, and it seemed exactly as if it said : " Come out, Heidi, come out! " So she could no longer stay in the house, and she ran out. The sparkling sunshine lay all around the hut and glistened on the mountains and far, far down in the valley, and the ground there on the cliff looked so golden and dry that she had to sit down and look around her for a little while. Then suddenly she remembered that the three-legged stool was still stand-
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