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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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A GUEST ON THE ALM                            229
ing in the middle of the floor, and the table had not been cleared since breakfast.
Then she jumped up quickly and ran back into the hut. But it was not long before it roared so mightily through the fir trees that Heidi felt it in every limb, and she had to go out again and dance a little with them, when all the branches above her were rocking and swaying to and fro. Her grandfather, meanwhile, had all sorts of work to do in the shop; he came out to the door from time to time and looked smilingly at Heidi as she jumped about. He was just stepping back again when Heidi suddenly screamed at the top of her voice : —
" Grandfather, grandfather ! Come, come ! "
He hastened out again, almost afraid that something had happened to the child. Then he saw her running toward the cliff screaming: —
"They are coming, they are coming ! and the doctor first of all! "
Heidi rushed to meet her old friend. He held out his hand to greet her. When the child reached him she grasped his outstretched arm affectionately and exclaimed with the greatest joy : —
" How do you do, doctor ? I thank you many thou­sand times!"
" Good-morning, Heidi! But what are you thanking me for?" asked the doctor with a pleasant smile.
" Because I could come home again to my grand­father," explained the child.
The doctor's face lighted up as with sunshine. He
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