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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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230                                              HEIDI
had not expected such a reception in the Alps. In his sense of loneliness, all the while he was climbing the mountain, he had been wrapt in thought and had not once noticed how beautiful it was around him, and that it was growing more and more beautiful. He had sup­posed that the child Heidi would hardly remember him, he had seen so little of her; and as he was coming to give them a disappointment he felt that he would be unwelcome because he had not brought the expected friends with him.
Instead of this, Heidi's eyes gleamed with pure joy, and, full of gratitude and love, she continued to cling to her good friend's arm.
The doctor took the child by the hand with fatherly tenderness. " Come, Heidi," he said in a most friendly way, " now take me to your grandfather and show me where your home is."
But Heidi remained standing where she was and looked wonderingly down the mountain.
" But where are Klara and the grandmamma ? " she then asked.
" Well, I shall have to tell you something that will pain you as well as myself," replied the doctor. " You see, Heidi, I have come alone. Klara has been very ill and was not able to take the journey, and so the grandmamma did not come either. But in the spring; when the days are warm and long again, then they will surely come."
Heidi was very much distressed ; she could hardly realize that what she had been looking forward to as so
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