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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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A GUEST ON THE ALM                            231
certain suddenly became impossible. She stood motion­less for a time, as if bewildered by the disappointment. The doctor stood silently in front of her, and every­thing around was still, except the wind blowing through the fir trees high above them. Then it suddenly oc­curred to Heidi why she had run down the mountain, and that the doctor was there. She looked up at him.
There was something sad in the eyes looking down at her, such as she had never seen before; he had never looked at her so in Frankfurt. It went to Heidi's heart; she could not bear to see any one look sad, and now least of all the good doctor. It certainly must be because Klara and the grandmamma could not come with him. She quickly sought some way to console him and found it.
" Oh, it really won't be long before spring will be here again, and then they will surely come," said Heidi comfortingly. " With us it never is a great while; and then they can stay much longer; Klara will like that much better. Now we will go up to my grandfather."
Hand in hand with her good friend she climbed up to the hut. Heidi was so very anxious to make the doctor happy that she began to assure him again that on the Aim it was such a little while before the long summer days would come again, that it was hardly noticeable; and in this way she became comforted herself and called up to her grandfather quite cheer­fully:—
" They did not come, but it won't be long before they will be here, too."
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