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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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232                                              HEIDI
The doctor was no stranger to the grandfather, the child had told him so much about her friend. The old man held out his hand to his guest and gave him a hearty welcome. Then they both sat down on the bench beside the hut, made a little place for Heidi, and the doctor motioned to her kindly to sit beside him. Then he began to relate how Herr Sesemann had urged him to take the journey, and how he himself had felt that it would be good for him, since he had not been quite strong and well for some time. He then whis­pered in Heidi's ear that something which had come from Frankfurt with him would soon come up the mountain, and that it would give her much greater pleasure than the old doctor could. Heidi was very eager to know what it might be.
The grandfather urged the doctor to spend the beau­tiful autumn days on the Aim, or at least to come up every fine day, for he could not invite him to remain up there, because he had no way of making him com­fortable at night. But he advised his guest not to go back as far as Ragatz, but to take a room down in Dorfli, in a simple but well-kept inn which he would find there. In that way the doctor would be able to come up the Aim every morning, which the uncle thought would do him good. Moreover, he would be glad to take the gentleman farther up the mountain, whenever he liked. This plan very much pleased the doctor, and he decided to carry it out.
Meanwhile the sun announced that it was midday; the wind had long since ceased, and the fir trees were
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