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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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perfectly still. The air was still mild and delicious for such a height, and felt refreshingly cool around the sunny bench.
The Aim-Uncle rose and went into the hut, but immediately came out again, bringing a table, which he placed in front of the bench.
"There, Heidi, now bring out what we need to eat," he said. " The gentleman will have to make the best of it, for if our cooking is plain our dining-room is all that could be desired."
"I think so, too," replied the doctor as he gazed down into the valley bathed in sunlight; " and I accept your invitation, for everything must taste good up here."
Heidi ran back and forth like a weasel and brought out everything she could find in the cupboard, for she found it an immense pleasure to be able to entertain the doctor. Meanwhile the grandfather prepared the meal and came out with the steaming jug of milk and the shining golden toasted cheese. Then he cut deli­cious, transparent slices of rosy meat, which he had dried up there in the pure air. The whole year through the doctor had not eaten a single meal which tasted so good as this dinner did.
"Yes, indeed, our Klara must come here," he said ; " she would gain new strength, and if she should have such an appetite as I have to-day, she would become plump and robust as she never has been in all her life."
Then some one came climbing up from below with a big package on his back. When he reached the hut,
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