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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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234                                              HEIDI
he threw his burden down on the ground and drew in long breaths of the fresh mountain air.
"Ah, here is what came with me from Frankfurt," said the doctor, rising ; and drawing Heidi after him, he went to the package and began to undo it. After the first heavy wrapping was removed, he said : —
" There, child, now open it yourself and take out your treasures."
Heidi did so, and when everything rolled out together her eyes grew big with astonishment as she gazed at the things. When the doctor stepped back again and lifted the cover of the big box, saying to Heidi, " See what the grandmother has for her coffee," then she screamed with delight: —
" Oh ! oh ! Now at last the grandmother can have some nice cakes to eat! "
She danced around the box, and was anxious to put everything together immediately, and hasten down to the grandmother's. But her grandfather promised her that toward evening they would go down with the doc­tor and take the things with them. Then Heidi found the nice bag of tobacco and brought it quickly to her grandfather. It pleased him very much; he immedi­ately filled his pipe with it, and the two men then sat on the bench, talking about all sorts of things, and puff­ing out great clouds of smoke, while Heidi ran back and forth from one of her treasures to another.
Suddenly she came back to the bench, stood in front of her guest, and as soon as there was a pause in the conversation she said very decidedly : —
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