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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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A GUEST ON THE ALM                           235
"No, nothing has given me any more pleasure than the old doctor has."
The two men had to laugh a little, and the doctor said he would n't have thought it.
When the sun went down behind the mountains the guest rose to take his way back to Dorfli and to find lodgings there. The grandfather put the box of cakes, the big sausage, and the shawl under his arm ; the doctor took Heidi by the hand, and they went down the mountain to goatherd Peter's hut. Here Heidi had to leave them; she was to wait inside with the grandmother until her grandfather should come for her, after accompanying his guest down to Dorfli.
When the doctor, as he said good-night, offered his hand to Heidi, she asked : —
"Would you like to go up to the pasture with the goats to-morrow? "
That was the loveliest spot she knew.
"To be sure, Heidi," he replied, "we will go to­gether."
Then the men continued their way, and Heidi went into the grandmother's hut. First she dragged in the box of cakes with difficulty ; then she had to go out again to bring in the sausage, for her grandfather had laid everything down in front of the door; then she had to go out once more to get the big shawl. She brought them all as close to the grandmother as possi­ble, so that she might touch them and know what they were. She laid the shawl in her lap.
"They are all from Frankfurt, from Klara and her
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