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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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grandmamma ! " she exclaimed. The amazed Brigitte was so affected by her surprise that she stood motion­less, watching Heidi as she, with the greatest difficulty, dragged in the heavy articles and spread out everything before her and the highly astonished grandmother.
" Surely, grandmother, you are terribly pleased with the cakes, aren't you? Just see how soft they are!" Heidi exclaimed again and again, and the grandmother replied assuringly: —
"Yes, yes, indeed, Heidi; what good people they are!" Then she would stroke the soft, warm shawl with her hand and say : —
" But this is something splendid for the cold winter! I never dreamed I should ever have anything so mag­nificent in my life."
Heidi was very much surprised that the grandmother should be more delighted with the gray shawl than with the cakes. Brigitte continued standing before the sausage as it lay on the table, and gazed at it almost with veneration. In all her life she had never seen such a giant sausage, and she was going to possess it, and even cut it ; she could not believe it possible. She shook her head and said timidly : —
"We must first ask the uncle what it is meant for."
But Heidi said very decidedly : —
" It is meant to eat, and for nothing else."
Then Peter came stumbling in.
" The Aim-Uncle is coming just behind me; Heidi must " — He could go no further. His eyes fell on the table where the sausage lay, and the sight of it so
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