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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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Early the next morning the doctor climbed the mountain from Dorfii in company with Peter and his goats. In a friendly spirit he tried several times to enter into conversation with the goat boy, but he did not succeed in getting more than the briefest answers to his leading questions. Peter was not so easily led into conversation. So the whole company traveled in silence up to the Aim hut, where Heidi already stood waiting with her two goats, all three as lively and glad as the early sunshine on the heights.
"Coming too?" asked Peter, for he said this every morning either as a question or a summons.
"To be sure, of course, if the doctor will come with us," replied Heidi.
Peter looked a little askance at the gentleman.
Then the grandfather came out, bringing the dinner bag in his hand. He first greeted the doctor with great respect, then went to Peter and hung the bag over his shoulder.
It was heavier than usual, for the uncle had put in a good piece of the dried meat; he thought possibly the doctor might like it up in the pasture, and he would enjoy his dinner there at the same time with the chil-
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