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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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CONSOLATION                                       239
dren. Peter's mouth spread almost from one ear to the other with a grin of satisfaction, for he suspected that there was something unusual inside.
The journey up the mountain was now begun. Heidi was completely surrounded by the goats; each one wanted to be next her, and they kept pushing one another to one side. So she remained for some time in the midst of the flock, struggling with them. Then she stood still and said : —
" Now please run away and don't keep coming back and pushing and jostling me; I must go with the doc­tor a little while now."
Then she patted Schneehopli gently on the back, for she still kept close to her side, and bade her especially to be very obedient. Then she made her way out of the flock and ran to the side of the doctor, who seized her hand at once and held it fast. He had no difficulty in getting Heidi to talk ; she immediately began and had so much to tell him about the goats and their remarkable doings, and about the flowers up there and the rocks and the birds, that before they knew it they had reached the pasture.
As they climbed the mountain, Peter had frequently cast at the doctor sidelong glances, which might really have terrified him, but fortunately he did not see them.
When they reached the end of their journey, Heidi took her kind friend to the loveliest spot of all, where she always went, sat down on the ground, and looked around ; this was her favorite place.
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