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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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242                                            HEIDI
"You see, Heidi, you might sit here with a great shade over your eyes, so that you could not take in the beauty all about. Then indeed would your heart be sad, doubly sad, where it is so beautiful. Can you understand that ? "
A pain shot through Heidi's happy heart. The great shade over the eyes reminded her of the grandmother, who could never again see the bright sun and all the beauty up there. To Heidi it was a grief that was always revived as often as the fact occurred to her. She remained perfectly silent for some time, for the pain had so broken into the midst of her joy. Then she said earnestly: —
"Yes, indeed, I can understand that. But I know something; then you must say the grandmother's hymns, and they will give you a little light, and per­haps so much light that you will become quite happy. The grandmother said so."
" What hymns, Heidi ? " asked the doctor.
" I know only the one about the sun and the beauti­ful garden, and the verses the grandmother likes from the other long one, for I always have to read it three times," replied Heidi.
"Just tell me these verses, I should like to hear them." And the doctor sat up straight at once to listen attentively.
Heidi folded her hands and collected her thoughts for a little.
" Shall I begin where the grandmother says that trust returns to one's heart ? "                                   .
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