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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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CONSOLATION                                       243
The doctor nodded assent. Then Heidi began :
" Oh, trust His love to guide thee, He is a Prince so wise That what His hands provide thee Is wondrous in thine eyes. And He, if He be willing, May bring the work about And thus thy hopes fulfilling Dispel thy fear and doubt.
It may be for a season He will no comfort show, And for some hidden reason His light will not bestow. As if no more He heeded What sorrow was thy share, Or what relief thou needed In all thy deep despair.
But if thy sure faith stays thee When thou art most perplext, He will appear and raise thee What time thoii least expect ''st. He will remove the burden That presses thy heart down, And thou shall have the guerdon And thou shall wear the crown."*
Heidi stopped suddenly, for she was not sure that the doctor was still listening. He had laid his hand over his eyes and was sitting motionless. She thought perhaps he had fallen asleep; so if he should wake up and care to hear more verses she would repeat them to
* Tr. by N. H. D.
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