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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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and motionless, with his face buried in his hands. When he finally rose he noticed that Heidi was looking at him in amazement. He took the child's hand in his.
"Heidi, your hymn was beautiful," he said; and his voice sounded more cheerful than it had been before. "We will come up here another day, and you shall repeat it to me once more."
During all this time Peter was having enough to do in giving vent to his vexation. Heidi had not been with him up to the pasture for several days, and now that she had finally come this old gentleman sat beside her the whole time, and Peter could not come near her at all. This greatly annoyed him. He took his place at a distance higher up, where the unsuspecting gentleman could not see him, and here he first doubled up one fist and shook it, and after a while he doubled up both fists, and the longer Heidi remained sitting beside the doc­tor, the more frantically Peter doubled up his fists and the higher and more threateningly he raised them in the air behind the gentleman's back.
Meanwhile the sun had reached the point where it stands when it is time for the midday meal; this Peter knew well enough. Suddenly he screamed down with all his might to the others: —
" We must have something to eat !"
Heidi rose and was going to get the bag, so that the doctor could have his dinner just where he was sitting. But he said he was not hungry; he wanted nothing but a glass of milk to drink, and then he would like to
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