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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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go about a little more on the mountain and climb some­what higher. Then Heidi discovered that she was not hungry either, and that she cared for only a glass of milk, after which she would like to take the doctor to the big moss-covered rock, high up, where Distelfinck had almost jumped over, and where all the spicy herbs grew. She ran to Peter and explained it all to him, how he must first take a bowl of milk from Schwanli for the doctor and another for herself. At first Peter looked at Heidi for some time in amazement, then he asked : —
" Who is to have what is in the bag ?"
" You may have it, but you must get the milk first and be quick about it," was Heidi's reply.
Peter had never done anything in his life so quickly as he accomplished this task, for he saw the bag con­stantly before him, and he did not know how its con­tents looked, and yet it belonged to him. As soon as the two others had drunk their milk, Peter opened the bag and took a look into it. When he saw the wonder­ful piece of meat his whole body trembled with delight, and he looked into the bag again to make sure that it was really true. Then he put his hand in to take out the welcome gift and enjoy it. But suddenly he put his hand back, as if he dared not take it. He recalled how he had stood there behind the doctor and shaken his fists at him, and now the same gentleman had given him all his splendid dinner. Then Peter was sorry for what he had done, for it seemed as if it hindered him from taking his fine present and enjoying it. Suddenly
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