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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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CONSOLATION                                       247
he jumped up and ran back to the place where he had been standing, stretched both his hands wide open up in the air, as a sign that his clinched fists meant nothing, and so remained standing there for some time until he felt that his deed was atoned for. Then he took great leaps back to the bag; for now that his con­science was clear he could eat his unusually nice dinner with perfect enjoyment.
The doctor and Heidi wandered about together for a long while and enjoyed each other's company. Then the doctor found that it was time for him to go back, and thought that the child would like to stay a little longer with her goats. But Heidi had no such idea, for then the doctor would have to go alone down the whole length of the mountain. She would walk with him as far as her grandfather's hut, and even far­ther. She went hand in hand with her good friend, and had all the way a great deal to tell him and show him ; she wanted him to see all the places where the goats liked best to feed, and where grew the greatest number of bright yellow wild roses and red centauries and other flowers to be found in the summer time. She knew them all, for her grandfather had taught her their names.
But at last the doctor said he must go. They bade each other good-night, and as he went down the moun­tain he turned every little while to look back, and saw Heidi still standing in the same place, gazing after him and waving her hand to him. Just so had his own dear little daughter done when he went away from his house.
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