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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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many, many houses and stony streets, as well as Fraulein Rottenmeier and Tinette, and she answered somewhat timidly : —
" I would rather have you come back to us again."
" Well, yes, perhaps it would be better, so good-bye, Heidi," said the doctor kindly, holding out his hand to her. Heidi laid hers in it and looked up at her depart­ing friend. The kind eyes which looked down at her filled with tears. Then the doctor turned quickly and hastened down the mountain.
Heidi remained standing and did not stir. The beloved eyes and the tears which she saw in them went straight to her heart. Suddenly she burst into loud weeping and rushed with all her might after the fast disappearing doctor and called between her sobs as loudly as she could : —
" Doctor! Doctor !"
He turned around and stood still.
The child had now reached him. The tears streamed down her cheeks while she sobbed out : —
" I will truly go with you to Frankfurt now, and I will stay with you as long as you like, but I must hurry back to tell my grandfather."
The doctor soothingly caressed the excited child.
"No, my dear Heidi," he said in the kindest tone, "not now; you must stay longer under the fir trees, for you might be sick again if you went with me. But come, I want to ask you something : if I am ever sick and alone, will you come to me then and stay with me ?
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