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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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Around the Aim hut the snow lay so deep that it looked as if the windows were on a level with the ground, for not a bit of the wall was to be seen below them; moreover, the house door had completely disap­peared. If the Aim-Uncle had been up there he would have had to do the same thing that Peter did every day. Every morning he had to jump out of the win­dow, and if everything was not frozen he sank so deep in the soft snow that had fallen during the night that he had to push and struggle and kick in every direction with his hands and feet and head, until he had worked his way out. Then his mother would hand him the big broom from the window, and with this Peter would push and shove the snow before him until he reached the door. Then he had great trouble, for there all the snow had to be dug away, or if it was still soft when the door opened, the whole great mass would fall into the kitchen, or else it froze up, and then they were completely walled in, for they could not make their way through these rock-like heaps of ice, and Peter was the only one who could slip through the little window.
Freezing weather brought many conveniences to
Peter. If he was going down to Dorfli, all he had to
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