HEIDI, illustrated - complete online book

The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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Here the uncle had put up a partition of boards and had covered the floor thickly with hay, for in this old hall the goats were to be housed.
Then there were all sorts of passageways, all half uncovered, so that the sky could be seen through, and sometimes the meadows and the road outside. But in the front where the heavy oaken door still hung firmly on its hinges, one came to a large spacious room which was still in good condition. The four walls were all standing, the dark wood wainscotings showed not a break, and in one corner stood a huge stove, reaching almost to the ceiling, and on the white tiles were big blue pictures. There were old castles on them, with tall trees all around, and underneath a huntsman passing with his dogs. There was also a peaceful lake, under wide-spreading oaks, with a fisherman standing by it and holding his rod far out over the water. There was a seat all around the stove so that one could sit down and study the pictures. This at once took Heidi's fancy. As soon as she came into the room with her grandfather, she ran to the stove, sat down on the bench, and began to look at the pictures. But as she moved along on the seat and came behind the stove, something new occupied her whole attention; in the quite large space between the stove and the wall four boards were placed, like a bin for apples. But there were no apples in it; there actually lay Heidi's bed exactly as it had been upon the Aim ; a thick bed of hay, with the linen sheet and the bag for a coverlet. Heidi shouted:
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